Sunday, May 1, 2011

Granny Got Her Groove Back...

In the middle of the night last night I got the urge to make a soft, slouchy clutch. I ran over to my fabric box and pulled out the faux leather (the same as I used for my camera bag a few posts ago) and the granny floral print ( that i used on my Chanel tee).

First i cut both pieces of fabric (one side rounded) and pinned them so that it would stay in place while i stitched all the way around.

after that was done, I folded up the squared off side to make the actual pouch of the purse and stitched both sides.

this left me with a cool clutch effect. As much as I like simple accessories, i also like ones that are personalized and decided to add my new "brand" to the front.

With a few gun-metal Swarovski crystals (which you know I HAVE TO ADD), I finished my first signature clutch.

Look out for more Inked & Sewn items!


  1. Amazing. You are so talented.


  2. awesome clutch!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  3. your really talented .I love to do my stuff too :)

  4. wow! i cant believe you did that by yourself. very cool!

    die melange

  5. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments :) become a follower and check back soon

    Jessie James


Jess James