Monday, July 18, 2011


If you read my last post, you already know that one of the items that has been haunting me is lace shorts. Every outfit I put together seemed to be lacking that amazing (way too expensive) perfectly scalloped pair. As I was seconds away from making a homemade one,  The fashion gods appeared!

There in front of me without as much as a warning lay the PERFECT PAIR! 

PERFECT COLOR , PERFECT SIZE and even more important.. A PERFECT PRICE AT $29.00!

It was the last one in the store just waiting for me to walk in and buy it! Its at these moments in time when you know pieces like this were MEANT to be in your closet. Without hesitation i whipped out my credit card and *SWIPE* it was mine. :)

As you can tell by all my capital letters, I'm ecstatic. 

Although I someday want to make my own white pair, these babies need to be taken around the block once or twice before I can bring in some competition.

Found on Lookbook.NU


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