Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Burberry Inspired Clutch...

After seeing Burberry's obsession with tassels, and not being able to afford one (what's new), I decided to put my DIY skills to the test and make one.

Their HUGE tassels are beautiful !

I got lucky and found a plain American Apparel 100% leather clutch for under $20.00 but you can purchase the same one HERE online for $50.00 or do some thrift store hunting of your own :).

Along with a bag of choice you also need:

> A small piece of leather cord ( depending on how long you want the tassels to hang) 
> Gold spikes 
>Burgundy vinyl (ITS FALL! YAY!)
> A glue gun
>Glue gun sticks

I added in some magnetic closures in the picture in case you want to sew your own pouch & don't have a zipper. If you choose to do magnetic clasps, attach your tassels with a cute button :).

Cut out 2 strips (depending on the length you want the tassels) 
Cut fringe leaving about an inch at the top to attach the leather cord.

Use the hot glue gun to attach the cord and continue to roll and glue the strip of fringe until it is completely rolled up.

Cut 2 triangles from the burgundy vinyl to use on the corners of the bag.

Poke the back of the spikes through the leather and place the triangles that were cut out on top of them. Fasten the triangles to the bag with the gold spikes.


It may not be Burberry, but it is ONE OF A KIND! That's a good trade if you ask me .

Another way to update this American apparel bag can be found on one of my favorite blogs Atlantic-Pacific.




  1. I LOVE this bag. I am obsessed and would love to have one.

  2. Maybe I'll do another giveaway at a later date and make another one!

    Your in luck though! Im giving away a O.M.G crossbody bag right now!

    Click the freebies tab at the top of the page for instructions on how to enter. :)

    xx Jess James

  3. perfect clutch!!

  4. hello, wow thats a cute bag :)
    i want to know where did you find the spikes, cause i have been looking for ones to customize some shoes i have.


  5. margarita - Thank you !!

    ella-Go to .. they have great wholesale prices! i got 100 of them ! :)

    xx Jess James

  6. It looks amazing!

  7. Cute! I especially love the corner details. DIY love!
    DIY @

  8. I found your blog Via IFB and I just had to let you know I love this diy because you didn't totally copy the original! Love your blog! Ali

  9. This is one of the chicest and poshest DIYs I've ever seen! LOVE IT!

  10. Thank you guys for all the amazing comments :)

    xx Jess James


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