Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DIY : Re-vamp an Oversized Sweater...

I'm so excited about this post! 
This past weekend I popped into the nearby goodwill store and found a over sized cheetah sweater for $5.99.
This 70% rabbit and wool, 20% angora and,10% acrylic piece was light and soft but was obviously outdated. 

I hurried home and the first thing I did was snip out the shoulder-pads. 

Inspired by this tee from Urban Outfitters...
Google Images
... and the reoccurring trend of shoulder-less men's tees, it lead me to also cut off the shoulders and carefully fold under the openings and stitch them for a more finished look.

To add a hidden touch, I also added a small leather heart on the left sleeve. 

Another great piece to add to my closet for under $10.00!!

Paired with my new shoes, this will definitely be a go-to sweater to throw on before early morning classes this fall. 


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