Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Michael Kors Will Stand The Test of Time...

If you are familiar with this blog you know that my main goal is to get the best pieces for the cheapest price.
However, every real shopaholic knows that when you are presented with something that you know will remain in your wardrobe forever, you can't leave it behind ( no matter how expensive it may be ).

One of those items that haunted me for nearly a week was this Michael Kors Over sized Watch. Every time I put on an outfit, the image of the watch on my arm popped into my head. After battling the temptation I went back and got it...

...and i haven't regretted it since!

Splurging on a few key items to throw in with your bargain finds will always elevate the sophistication of any outfit.

A few other watches I LOVE are :
Rose Gold/White MK-$225

Fashion Bargain

Urban Outfitters-$34

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  1. Love! I want a Michael Kors watch myself. I am making myself wait on it!- Jessica


Jess James