Monday, September 12, 2011

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Comfortable meets Cute...

When I ask students why they prefer coming to school in sweats instead of a trendy outfit they always respond with “It’s too much effort” or “I want to be comfortable." The misconception that dressing sloppy is more comfortable then exuding confidence in a well-put together outfit is definitely broken by this Fashionista.

It’s understandable that with the stresses of the first week of school and getting back into the routine of waking up early for class you want an outfit that you can easily throw on and go.  A full-length skirt paired with a slinky tank is a perfect option. With a solid bandeau, simple accessories and an eye-catching headband, her look is complete while still looking effortless.
Style icon Ashley Olsen proves my point time and time again by strutting oversized yet tailored clothes from her fashion company Elizabeth & James. However, because I am no stranger to a college budget, I know there are plenty of items that are affordable and just as cute....

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