Sunday, October 9, 2011

DIY: Feather Earring

A trend often seen in L.A. is wearing a long feather earring paired with a stud on the opposite ear. After being unsuccessful in finding one exactly how I wanted I decided to make one instead.

To attach the long feather to the earring, I needed to first find a way to attach it to one of the beads.

By using Jewelry pliers I curled wire and used the wire cutters to clip off the excess.

I super glued the bead to the end of the feather and waited for it to dry then attached the chains to the earring hook. Because I didn't find the upper part of the feather attractive I wrapped black thread around it. 

I love the end result.

Spotted: Celebrities rocking the one feather earring.



  1. I agree! especially when you wear one paired with a fun stud!! :) definetly an eye catcher


Jess James