Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DIY: Ombre Infinity Scarf for under $10

After walking in the rain to class today in a tank-top and jeans it hit me... IT'S SCARF SEASON AGAIN!!!

I wanted one that was : ombre, braided, small, slightly thin ( to show off my necklaces), oh yeah... and all under $10.00. Needless to say, that -ish doesn't exist! So I did what I do best... I ran down to Joanne's fabrics and grabbed some fabric remnants that was conveniently 50% off. I Took my bucket from under the sink and dumped my left over RIT dye in with some warm water and got to work.

I first wrapped a rubber band around 3 pieces of white fabric and dipped 1/2 of it into the bucket of dye. After 5 minutes of sitting, I pulled the fabric out of the water a little and added more dye to sit for another 5 minutes. After I got the color I wanted, I hung it to dry.

Once dry, I took those pieces along with the grey fabric and cut them into strips and braided them. 

By attaching the ends and then sewing the 3 rows together I got this :

Last but not least, I sewed the inner side to the outer side to create a thick, rolled, braided effect.

The end result was exactly what I wanted!! Its thick enough to look like an infinity scarf, but short enough to not hide any of my necklaces I want to pair it with. 




  1. omg i love this!!! this is definitely a top DIY by Jessica James!!!! <3
    ps its jackie ,love ya girly!

  2. omg i love this!!! this is definitely a top DIY by Jessica James!!!! <3
    ps its jackie ,love ya girly!

  3. love this i want to try this but.....sewing not a quality of mine lol. I do love easy D.I.Y and this is it


  4. Sewing is so not my thing either.. but i try haha

  5. Wow! what an amazing idea! love it


  6. I loveee this ! I want to do this sometime soon,

    great post!


  7. LOVE this. Absolutely awesome idea. Don't be shocked when I make one that happens to make a cameo on my blog. So great meeting you yesterday.



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