Friday, October 21, 2011

Fashion Find: LF Warehouse Sale! (10/21-10/22)

Last year I was green with envy when I saw my friend Rebecca's LF Warehouse sale finds. After seeing how much money she saved on her entire summer wardrobe, I nearly threatened to end our friendship if she didn't invite me this year. Thankfully she followed through with her promise and we went today.

When I arrived I was shocked to be at the end of such a massive line. Girls waited anxiously and talked to their friends about what they hoped to find. Within ten minutes the line doubled in length and I was no longer at the end of the line. When the doors opened we rushed in and stuffed our large plastic bags with clothes, briefly stopping to look at the size. The dressing room was madness!  A single large room filled with half dressed girls, guarding their finds and waiting for the girl next to them to drop what they were holding in hopes of snagging it. 

Don't let the description I gave you discourage you from heading to the sale tomorrow. Even though I had to basically fight tooth and nail for my fashion finds, they are nothing short of amazing!
This is what I found :

Faux Fur Top by Danlia 
Originally: $168.00
I Paid: $16.00

Lace 2-strap Bandeau by Love Man
Originally:$ 45.00
I Paid: $3.00

Charcoal Jean Shirt by Millau
Originally: $168.00
I Paid: $18.00

Destroyed Knit Sweater by Qued London
Originally: $148.00
I Paid: $24.00

Black Destroyed Corduroy Shorts
Grey Corduroy Shorts by: Car Mar
(Both) Originally: $180.00
I Paid: $15.00 ea

 Cinnamon Menswear Inspired Shirt by Bluette
Originally: $168.00
I Paid: $24.00

"Oxford-esque" Brazilian Leather Slip-ons by MIA Limited Edition
Originally: $145.00
I Paid: $15.00

Distressed Work-boots by Jeffrey Campbell
Originally:$ 220.00
I Paid: $45.00

Sheer Lace Maxi Dress by Love
Originally: $ 232.00
I Paid: $ 32.00 

Total Savings : $1282.00


Sale ends tomorrow so don't miss out!




  1. OMG! I am so jealous!!! great finds!! what city is this in?


Jess James