Monday, October 17, 2011


While it is nice to have the most expensive designer clothes, most college students are on a tight budget. In my opinion, being a true Fashionista means having the ability to take the basics of your wardrobe and create an outfit everyone on campus wants to wear. Less is definitely more when it comes to this week’s Fashionista. When most are tempted to add a print, she resisted and took solid pieces to build an outfit of extreme simplicity.
While I always stress the importance of jewelry, a ring on the first finger and a cute twisted scarf on her head proved to be the perfect amount. An oversized sweatshirt paired with tight leggings prevents the outfit from looking too sloppy. A peak of a periwinkle top breaks up the black sweater and leggings and adds a color to this otherwise dark look. The same technique is used with her gray, slouched socks to break up the black between her boots and leggings. Last but definitely not least she added an infinity scarf.
To get the links on how to achieve this look and read the rest of the article click HERE


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