Thursday, November 24, 2011

DIY: Turban Headband

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 
After you have one of the most amazing dinners of the year with your family, sit down with the girls and do a DIY project to wear on Black Friday.

Fashionistas aren't afraid to get up early and fight off the crowds for some great deals, but everyone knows how cold it can be in the early morning. With the DIY turban headband you will look fashion forward while cleverly keeping your ears warm.

 Start out with some Fabric remnants from Joann's and cut them into two strips. I never really use measurements (call it laziness) but you can easily find out how long your strips should be by wrapping the fabric around your head and marking it off with a white colored pencil. The thickness is really up to you but mine was about 6 inches wide (which I folded in 1/2).

Take both strips of fabric and interlock them like the picture above. That section is what will make the knot-like look.

Take the 4 ends of the fabric and join them together. I sewed elastic strips between each end, but if your lucky enough to find a stretchy fabric you can skip that step.

This is what the end result should look like. If you are better at sewing than I am or have a sewing machine ( which is a high possibility) then it will obviously look neater. 

I have been DYING to use my purple Swarovski crystal beads and jumped at the opportunity to attach them to this headband.

Ta DA! :) to see a full view of the headband and what to wear it with check back soon. 




Jess James