Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fashion Find: VERSACE for H&M

Starting at 3 am this morning I dragged my boyfriend to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa to wait in line for the Versace for H&M event. People energetically walked ( because running would get you kicked out ) to the line in hopes of being first. As we waited in a line of hopefuls for 6 hours Mayhem ensued. People complained of other shoppers cutting in line, women threatened to sue because they had been injured and security patrolled until it was time to be let inside. When I got to the line I was in the first 100 people.  Luckily my amazing boyfriend found himself farther up in the first 30 people and I was able to join him to be in the second group of people to enter.

The line wrapped around the huge mall and I felt bad for the people in the back who were waiting nearly as long as I was and would have no chance of snagging anything with the Versace Tag. 

Even though the wait was long, there was this amazing gay man with the most beautiful coat that kept me entertained the ENTIRE time. After stealing a few shots of him I found out he is actually an incredible jewelry designer ( I would buy EVERY piece he was wearing).

Have you ever seen someone so fabulous? ... I didn't think so :).
Check out his Jewelry on his Website ... You'll absolutely DIE for them. 

By 7 am I made it inside and waited around for another hour and twenty minutes to be let through the doors. The line wrapped around the walkways on the second floor and even though I was the second wave to be let in, I was no where near to the front door. 

By the time I made it inside the racks were completely wiped clean with just a few items left to be fought over... and fight I did!!!

When my group went through not even a measly scarf was left. 


By the grace of God and my boyfriend's excellent stealth-like skills that got me nearer to the front I snagged some great items!

First thing was the printed leggings for $29.99 now selling on EBay for up to $140.00


Second is this pleated skirt with a perfect metal detail on each corner for $69.00 now on sale on EBay for about $110.00

And third was this perfect gold ring for $19.99 now having bids higher then $100.00 on Ebay.

Not only did I get this ring, I also snagged the ring off the mannequin that I will be able to pick up on Monday. 

IF YOU DIDN'T GET A CHANCE TO GRAB A VERSACE ITEM FROM H&M , I WILL BE HOSTING A GIVEAWAY TO WIN ONE OF THE RINGS IN THE NEAR FUTURE! :) Become a follower and a friend on my Facebook to be one of the first updated!



  1. i am SO jealous. The pleated skirt was on my wishlist, but I decided not to go because I didn't want to face the cold NYC weather.

  2. it was honestly madness. This by far is my favorite skirt now just for the mere fact that it took an arm and a leg to get it. :) if you want the gold ring become a follower on my page and facebook to be updated when I will be giving it away

    xx Jess James

  3. Wow! The things us girls do for our fashion lol. Im from LA too and seeing these pics makes me really regret not going :( But it looks like it was pretty exciting. Great blog btw


    Tamara B.


Jess James