Saturday, November 12, 2011

Inspiration: My Experience at the Soho House in L.A.

Luv Aj (a jewelry company I work for) hosted a holiday trunk show with Penelope and Coco shoes at an extremely private members club in West Hollywood. The members must apply for a membership and often pay upwards of $2400 to gain access, so when my boss magically got me and my friend Sophia of Mischief and Magic on the guest list, we couldn't wait to go.

The entire ride there we wondered what it would be like to be at our first super cool, invite only, fashion event. We wondered what celebrities we would bump into in the elevators and how we would be able to contain our excitement. 

When we arrived at the address given, we pulled into an unmarked garage where a man in a black suit guided me towards valet. Being a "safe" driver, I didn't have my sky-high steve madden boots on yet and had to stand in my socks in the garage, heels in hand, when the valet took my car. Already looking out of place we scurried into the building. When the concierge asked for our names, in a nonchalant tone we said "Sophia Pozzi and Jessica James". They pointed us towards the elevator and when we got to the doors we realized we didn't know what floor to go to. As we looked at each other in confusion we decided to just go into the elevator and figure it out, only to find out that it only went to one floor. 

As we took our short ride up to the next floor Sophia said " The valet came so quick I didn't have time to take out my teeth!" I told her to hurry and take out her invisalign before the doors open, but the moment she reached up to pull them out we had already arrived. 

We stepped out and looked up the grand staircase and in my head I imagined myself bumping into Halle Berry and brushing by Justin Timberlake. We told the woman at the desk we were there for the Luv Aj & Penelope and Coco Holiday Trunk show, and she pointed us to a door in the corner. We walked down a narrow hallway with signs saying "private party" until we reached the room we were supposed to be in. 

The room was dark and small but decorated beautifully. music was playing and people were talking and looking at the jewelry and shoes. We started to browse around and stopped to try on pieces. A woman was capturing street style photos of the guests, and I told my friend Sophia to watch out because she was in the background. As she looked to see where the camera was, it flashed three or four times and made her disoriented. She made the most hilarious faces that I'm sure are captured in those pictures and accidentally yelled "F#Ck!!". Everyone turned to see what the commotion was, and she was suddenly the center of attention. I tried, but nothing could keep me from laughing.

We started to feel out of place and decided to exit quietly before making another scene. After trying to find out where to get our tickets validated and where to wait to get my car back, we drove home laughing the entire way. 

After everything that happened, one thing is for sure... we will never forget our first exclusive fashion event. 

Check out the amazing pieces I saw at  LUV AJ


Jess James