Monday, December 5, 2011

I & S Featured on: Chic - Steals

I always love surfing blogs and seeing my own DIY stuff on their site. I found my Burberry Inspired Clutch on the weekly DIY roundup for Chic-Steals :) 

If you want to check out the feature go to their site :)

 I have also been added to the "Instant Inspiration list on Your Style Savior

Knowing how hard I have worked ( even though often it doesn't feel like work at all ), it is humbling to see that I have impacted other creative people enough for them to mention me on their sites. I'll continue to keep posting and hope that more people grow to enjoy the content on my site.



  1. Hey Inked and Sewn - you are definitely my "instant inspiration" and so happy to see that you came across my site, I hope you liked what you saw!

  2. Love your website :) thanks for the shoutout . it made my night .

    xx Jess James

  3. Awesome! Check out - I just mentioned Inked & Sewn in a post!

  4. Thanks so much for linking up to my DIY Roundup! Your DIY Burberry clutch was amazing; I loved your twist on it! Don't stop DIY'ing - you're so inspirational!


Jess James