Sunday, February 12, 2012

DIY: School Supplies with Style

I'm constantly tempted to buy school supplies with designer labels for ridiculous prices. After seeing the most adorable Hello Kitty Flash drive for $42.00, I decided to create my own for a price tag of no more then $15.00.

1. Pick your flash drive. I got a flash drive for free from my boyfriend, but you can use one you already have or buy ones for pretty cheap at your nearest Target.

2.Pick up some inexpensive rhinestones from a craft store or use some crystals you already have lying around from previous projects. 

3. Choose a cute charm or larger found item.

4. Buy a Jewelry glue/ a Gem-Tac Glue. (Make sure to read the directions on the suggested dry time. The glue I used required 24 hours to dry on each side.)

5.When your flash drive is completely covered in rows of crystals use a clear topcoat nail polish to add some shine and secure them so they don't fall off.

This cute flash drive will definitely add a little more incentive to get my school work done :)



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