Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER: Panchary Sathea

Meet Panchary Sathea, a fashion forward student at California State Fullerton. 

Currently finishing up school at CSUF as a Public Relations Major, and with that degree I want to get into event-planning and freelance writing. I have always been involved in organizations on campus throughout my high school and currently in college – I can’t seem to stay away from the busyness of it all. I am social network enthusiasts - I love Tumblr and Twitter. I love blogs!

 I try to explore the different networks because I like to be up to date and stay informed. I am an open-minded individual and liberal in political views. Leisure activities include outdoor activities such as hiking and rock-climbing; other hobbies include photography. Adrenaline rushes are always exciting and fun! My ideal of a great day would be a great read and a refreshing green tea with the warm sun hitting my skin. Laughing is what I do best. And eating. And sleeping ...

So what is it about fashion that I love? Everything. There are ‘rules,’ but at the same time, there aren’t any boundaries. Fashion has always been a very large personal expression to me. As much your clothing describes the type of person you are, I like to admit my style is simple yet versatile. That alone describes me entirely

Check back tomorrow to read her style advice post :)


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