Saturday, November 3, 2012

DIY Native American Costume

This year I was a Native American but instead of just attaching feathers to tousled hair or tying a band around my forehead I wanted to go all out and create a feather headdress . 

You will need:
Feathers (Small & large)
Hot Glue
A Thick Headband
Piece of Thick Fabric 
Fabric Trim
Shot Bottle 

I chose to get my feathers from a wreath that was on sale because I liked the iridescent green effect and the quality of the feathers was a lot nicer than the craft feathers .

I also found these white feathers with a black tip which I thought would add a cool effect to the headpiece. Glue 5- 7 smaller feathers around the base of the larger feathers and add a twine effect by wrapping it around the smaller feathers.

Complete 9 of these

Take your headband and thick fabric (I used a scrap of black jean material from a previous project). Glue it to a thick headband in a "bandanna shape". Add small black feathers to cover this fabric starting at the bottom and working your way up. Because we don't have white feathers going all the way around it will be a cool space filler and look better from behind. Once you cover the fabric add the 9 white feathers in a fan motion. You may notice some feathers lean to the right or to the left. Place them on the correct sides so they fan out better. cover the stems of the feathers with the Native American trim (about $2.99 per yard at Joannes). Embellish the fabric with black beads or a color of your choice. Finish it off by attaching braided twine and glue 2 feathers to the end. 

This is what your result will look like from the side. 


I also made a "medicine pouch" which was really a Godiva Shot bottle covered in fabric and twine. 


Cover the bottle with the same trim as your headpiece and wrap the twine around the neck of the bottle. 
Tie a piece of the twine to make a necklace and add a piece of the trim  at the top so the twine will fit comfortably  on your neck throughout the night.


Your result will be a "medicine pouch" filled with delicious white chocolate liquor. 


Shirt- James Perse ; Skirt- Forever 21 ; Shoes- Calvin Klein ; Headpiece & Medicine Pouch - DIY


Take some face paint or eye liner and add 2 lines on your cheekbones
Finish it off with turquoise eyeliner under your eye and a winged black liner above. 




(My adorable boyfriend as Winnie the Pooh)

Peanut Butter Halloween cookies made with cream cheese frosting

Hope you all had a great Halloween! 


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