Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two-Zero-One-Three ... here's to the new me

After yet another long hiatus from blogging...I'M BACK! Within the first 3 weeks of 2013 things have already changed in my life (for the better of course).  

Decked out in LUV AJ jewelry

To start... I have finally made the move to Los Angeles and I am working downtown!!! Within 24-hours I got the keys to my place and landed my job interview on the spot. To summarize what my job is, I'm part of a small team building a fashion App for a large online marketing company (I'll post more details ASAP of course).

Moving some of my stuff into my new closet. 

My building. I can see the hollywood sign from the lobby!!!

Second...I have the cutest new roommates ( one being my fave cousin Kally). Without hesitation my cat Rae and I went from having a studio to gaining 3 roommates! One of the perks is that the 2 girls I live with have the cutest clothes. No..seriously.. my closet has literally tripled!!!

Me and my kitten Rae Charlotte 

Two of my new roomies. 

Lastly...I have started making a conscious effort to be healthier this year. No more of the 2 week crash diets that results in me running out to the grocery store at 10pm and eating an entire pack of cookies. This time I bought a pass to 24-hour fitness and I've been taking pilates, kickboxing and bumping up my cardio and weights. 

With so much happening in the first 3 weeks I have a strong feeling that this is going to be one of the best years of my life. 

Classic OOTD pic.

Here's to a great new year full of fashion, DIY projects and OOTD pictures. 



Jess James