Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Couldn't Wait Another Minute...

Starting a fashion blog without a camera is quite difficult.. so until I finally get it I am going to start my Celebrity Inspiration section!

The first thing is actually not clothing at all! I believe that fashion should be displayed from your head to your toes. With that in mind, your nails are a GREAT way of showing off your fashion sense.

Celebs, Such as Rihanna, know this all too well. With crazy colors and designs, to sharp filed nails, its not hard to fall in love with this trend. 

Obama Design

Cute Smiley Faces

Sharpened to perfection

(pulled from google images)

I have tried a few designs myself ! The first one I created...

And the second look, I found on a video tutorial on YouTube

I couldn't help but love these cute little mushroom girls !

Remember... no look is really complete unless your nails reflect your personal style.

-Jessie James

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