Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DIY has never been so fly...

I've been obsessed with my new Sony camera! i even took the time to rhinestone the lens cap. (like my mom says ... any one who knows me, knows that if something stays still too long, ill rhinestone it!) I've rhinestoned/added crystals to almost everything...
-My senior parking pass
-My purple game boy color
-my mac book pro
-my cell phone
-tape dispenser
-nail file...

OK  .. i think you get the point. :)

I've always been someone who added my own spin on things whether its making a few holes in a shirt,  cutting and styling jackets or changing the way something is supposed to be worn to make it my own.

 So when i was given a limited variety of camera cases to choose from, i opted to use an old, boring one from high school. After two days of trying to stuff the massive thing in my purse i decided i needed one that could fit easily and fit my style. 

Nothing online met my needs, so i decided to run down to Joann's, spend under $20 and MAKE MY OWN!!

i got a faux leather material, black thread, a big black button, and black cord. 

First i cut the fabric into 4 pieces that i measured according to the size of my camera,

 HAND STITCHED each edge to make the shape of the bag, attached the button and braided the cord.. and VOILA!!

my own personal faux leather camera bag. Perfect size to fit into my purse. I still have a few finishing touches to add.. but after  almost 4 hours of hand-stitching, that's going to have to be left for another day.

check back soon to see what else I can make <3

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