Monday, April 25, 2011

i HELLA love Nor Cal...

J.James Photography

This Easter Weekend I finally got to go home to visit my parents up in the Bay Area and finally got my CAMERA!

On the trip there I had so many plans on where i was going to go to find amazing fashion, but unfortunately it didn't go as planned. HOWEVER my friend Becca and I did get two amazing shirts with the well known Nor Cal statement "HELLA" printed on them. 

J.James Photography

While she got the one with the definition on it, i got one with a speech bubble instead. This Tee was perfect with a pair of cute MIA shoes I got at DSW.

J.James Photography
I've never really been a fan of the novelty/graphic t-shirts ( Give me a "flowy" plain shirt and I will live in it!). But now that I have one, I decided to check out what other ones might fit great into my wardrobe.

This ADORABLE shirt found at Urban is a combination of BOTH flowy and printed which gives me the best of both worlds. Add a few small holes with some scissors to give a distressed look and I am sold.

(also found at urban)

As I took my plane back to school, I thought about how amazing this summer is going to be. I'll Stop in New Hampshire, Canada and NEW YORK! 
Check back soon to see what I find:)

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