Sunday, May 8, 2011

She Got it From Her Momma...

This post is dedicated to my mom who has always let me express myself through fashion. Even when it meant allowing me to buy shirts with monkeys on it (an absolute no-no!) or PINK OVERALLS (two words that should NEVER be in the same sentence!).

As I have gotten older, i have learnt what looks good, and what should be only used as material to start a bonfire.

The item i chose to feature today is a small purse that was passed down from my Grandma-T to my mom... and now passed down to me. It may be over 50 years old, but it still adds a fresh edge to my outfit.

By removing the metal chain loops with pliers, I updated it by making it into a clutch. 

This gold blue and red, British-made purse is perfect with my heeled combat inspired boots and metal-twined silver cross. The multi-colored stones on the clasp also make it a little funky. Click on the picture to get a better look at the bag! Its even better up close!

Although I couldn't find one that was as awesome as mine ... :) ... I did find a few that are cute in their own right.
This gold scalloped bag would look great with my Chinese Laundry boots. I found it on SALE at  for only $27.79!!!! 

Another one that would be perfect is from

This Luella envelope clutch has a similar floral jacquard detail and can be found at Urban Outfitters. How perfect right?!


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