Monday, May 9, 2011

Fashion Jungle Fever...

Last week I adopted an adorable kitten, Rae Charlotte (named after Ray Charles), and almost simultaneously had the urge to buy Cheetah Print! Coincidence...? I think not.

 To avoid breaking my college budget, i decided to post a few feline fashion trends to take off the edge. ( Being a shopaholic is a SERIOUS ILLNESS people! One that will leave you looking fabulous but unmistakingly broke!)

One of my style icons, Rachel Zoe, sports this cheetah print coat with a fur collar and cuffs. Its perfect paired with a simple black pant and top. After seeing this picture I blurted out one of her Zoe-isms, "I DIE!"

This multicolored animal print running shorts also adds a little incentive to hit the gym and tone up for the summer.
 You don't always have to have cheetah/leopard print on your clothing, the statement can also be made in your accessories. 

All images found on Google images

 A Michael Kors bag, cocktail rings, or a Betsy Johnson watch are all great choices. 

Who knew my little black kitten could give me fashion jungle fever? 
Well done Rae... well done.

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