Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sam Edel-MINE!

After looking at all that CHEETAH last night, I still couldn't get enough. As i flipped through the  May 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan I stumbled upon a pair of unbelievable sandals. It didn't surprise me that it was by my one of my FAVORITE shoe designers Sam Edelman.
These Sam Edelman "Exie" thong sandals are sold out virtually EVERYWHERE! For a pricey $150, i couldn't say I wouldn't splurge just so I could strut these babies around town all summer.

I own a pair of Sam Edelman "Gwen" Sandals in Taupe and gold snakeskin. 
Because I have almost worn a hole completely through the sole of the sandal, i opted to pull a purple and silver pair off google to save myself some embarrassment. These were a more affordable $65, and thank god, because it looks like I needed two pairs instead of one.

I am drawn to Sam's creations because of his love of SPIKES and STUDS.

Lorissa Back View
Lorissa Front View


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Whether it is The Lorissa heels, Platforms with studs, or casual sneakers...

 I can never get enough of Sam Edelman

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