Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Little Bird Told me...

A little bird told me the hot new trend is feather hair extensions.

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Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Hillary Duff, and Ke$ha are sporting this new style with confidence.

In the past week I have seen multiple girls on campus looking sheik as their extensions effortlessly blew in the wind. These are super affordable and a kit can be bought online at Esty for only $40.00.

Don't want feathers in your hair? 
Another trend I've seen recently in L.A. is girls wearing one long earring decorated with beautiful feathers.

This real peacock earring wrapped in gold leather strips can be purchased on on SALE for $38.00.

A few more ways to add this bird-friendly trend into your wardrobe...

Leigh Feather Bag-$245 (Free People)
Peacock Feather Cuff- 245 ( Free People

Raven Kauffman -$1495 ( 
All three of these choices are PERFECTION!

That little bird also told me this trend is here to stay.


  1. i love feather accessories your collection is gorgeous really like

    your trendy collection of feather earrings and i am dame sure this is the best

    collection of feather earrings 2011 i have ever seen ...

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