Saturday, June 4, 2011

Welcome to Quebec...

Finally! A vacation to save me from books, school and studying!!

J.James Photography

This Girls trip to Quebec, Canada is just what my blog (and I) needed to get back on track. 

J.James Photography

After a few cups of coffee to get some energy, I hit the streets and kept my eyes open for the local fashion.
Quebec Local ( J.James Photography)

I spotted this girl and her lace shorts instantly, and after following her nearly a block ( Yes, kinda stalkerish..) finally got the chance to ask her if I could steal a quick picture. The full nude ensemble paired with a slouchy black bag looked comfortable yet sheik as she strolled the streets enjoying her gelato. 

J.James Photography
Although it was an amateur attempt at a paparazzi style shot, it still captured the fashion sense these girls had. Both had on black sheer leggings with two completely different looks that allowed them to wear outfits fit for summer in the windy afternoon weather. 

Check back for more Quebec fashion tomorrow!!!

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