Monday, July 25, 2011

Gimme Your Brooch Granny...

News flash!! Brooches and lapel pins are not just for the elderly. This accessory has made comebacks time and time again and each time with vengeance. Remember grandma's old pins she wore on the lapel of her skirt suit? This same style with a little twist has made its way back into fashion once again.



While in Bakersfield visiting a friend, we went downtown for some iced coffee. As soon as we parked I could tell that this is where the "artsy people" congregated. People of all ages with guitars played in the cafe and strolled along the streets lined with vintage shops. I knew there had to be the reason that this was "the spot" for all the creative minds, and I found that reason when I stopped into a vintage shop. I made my way over to the $5 section ( because I'm always looking for a deal) and found the most adorable gold lapel pin.

J.James Photography

J.James Photography

Here's a few more ways to rock this style....

Found onLookbook
Found on Google images

Found on Lookbook

<3 check back soon to see what else I find.

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