Thursday, July 21, 2011

One woman's trash is another woman's treasure....(DIY)!

After going through my Jewelry armoire I found a few broken pieces that I was about to toss until I realized I could turn them into something brand new!!! 

I used :
-A broken fabric necklace with a clasp at the end ( and removed one side).
-3 spools of thread
-a broken crystal bracelet 
-and chains that only God knows what they used to be attached to

I first started out by taking the crystal bracelet and cutting the elastic bands that held the crystals close together until they began to hang freely. You can see the part where I cut and what parts were still held tightly together.

I next lined the crystal strand up with the fabric necklace and started wrapping the thread around it a few times to bind the two pieces together. When I felt they were bound together well enough, I strung it once through the chain and moved onto the next link.

After finishing four spaces with one color, I moved to the next and alternated between the 3 colors of thread. At the very end of the bracelet I re-attached the chain that was on the other end of the necklace rope to allow the clasp to hold the bracelet closed by stringing the thread through a link and tying it a few times until it was tight.

Now I have a brand new bracelet.

This is proof that with a little DIY magic, there is no such thing as broken jewelry.



  1. Is the fabric necklace from home coming?! lol
    -Marisa Schneider

  2. WOW,that's amazing!!!Thanks for the idea, I must try it to make it soon!

  3. Haha Marisa actually it is! The 80s homecoming necklace with the cross!!!! :) Chicca problem!!! Hope it turns out well! If you ever make it take a pic and send me the link I would love to see the final product.


Jess James