Friday, August 5, 2011

In Loving Memory...(DIY)

You may have read my mother's day post which featured a British vintage clutch passed down 3 generations from my Grandma T. Well.. yet again my Grandma has inspired a new, updated bag. When I was too young to appreciate it's craftsmanship, my Grandma T gave me a REAL COCONUT purse. While I thought it was cool that it was real, and I could see the inside of the shell when I unzipped it, I rarely put it to good use. 

While I was home for summer break I fell in love with it all over again, and the fact that it represents my grandma, a woman who gave me a mother that supports all my fashion dreams, made it that much better.

While it was possible to wear as is, I wanted to update it a little and make it more age appropriate to better fit into my wardrobe.

 I took a trip to Joanne's Fabrics and got some jewel glue, black crystals and a gold chain. I also needed black thread (and gold not photographed), a needle, a pair of scissors, needle nose pliers, and the faux leather fabric I have used in a number of DIY projects featured on this blog.

First I cut off the brown shoelace and replaced it with a gold chain, undid a loop and connected it with the needle nose pliers to the other end.

I then took black crystals and lined the top and bottom of the bag.

I took the faux leather and made a shoulder strap to make it a little more comfortable on my shoulder and also prevent it from sliding off and embroidered it with V.V.T (Viola Victoria Thompson) in memory of my grandmother.

Within about an hour of solid working I now have a bag I can wear day and night.

(In loving memory of the woman who gave me the best gift anyone could ask for...a supportive mother).


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    I have to make one! Supermarket here I come!!!!!



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