Friday, August 12, 2011

Vintage Voyages...

While having so much extra time to myself since summer school ended, I have been fighting the shopping urge and yesterday I lost that battle. I found myself wandering around Down Town Fullerton's cute boutiques and took a step into American Vintage. After 20 minutes of browsing the racks, nothing too unique caught my eye until the sparkling crystals of a vintage bag blinded me.

The sales assistant couldn't open the glass cabinet fast enough, and as soon as she placed it in my hands it was mine. I quickly flipped the tag and the glorious single digit number 8 meant there wouldn't even be a second thought about the purchase. Not to mention the envious look from the sales assistant made it that much better.

Here are a few bags that can turn up the vintage feel on any outfit... Circa 1968 (1,250 euros) ($395.00)

Free People ($248.00)

A little pricey, but unless you get lucky with 'gold-mine' find like I did, all the good ones will be.

Before finalizing the sale, I threw in an adorable little bird necklace...

It was only $5.00 can you blame me?!

$14.00 poorer and an adorable necklace and great vintage bag richer, it was a good vintage voyage if i must say so myself :)


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