Saturday, August 13, 2011

Move Over McQueen...

After seeing Kim Kardashian sporting Alexander McQueen's knuckle duster clutch in the September 2011 Glamour issue, I became obsessed. I crossed my fingers that they would be doing some sort of give-away and I would be the lucky winner or I would stumble upon a 99% off sale, but none of the two dream-like scenarios happened.

When I searched for the clutch a price tag reaching nearly three-grand popped up. It felt like my thoughts of having the bag that put my hands firmly in the spotlight was actually going to end up being nothing more than a dream. 

Good thing I have an imagination and love to re-create great looks for less!
I grabbed a sunglasses case that has been sitting in the trunk of my car for almost a year and a ring that I got from a costume jewelry store for only $1 during winter break. After grabbing a few black crystals from my previous [in loving memory..] post, super glue and $2.00 metal flower beads, I had all I needed to make a knuckle duster of my own.

This bag is perfect to fit the essentials and go out with my girls.

 I'm sure any college fashionista would agree that compared to that bag, mine for under $20.00 is practically free.



  1. such an a creative idea!

    love it.

  2. :) thank you!!! im trying to get more followers on my blog and I will follow yours in return. ALSO.. if you decide to make a clutch of your own.. PLEASE send me a pic so i can feature it on my blog :D


Jess James