Thursday, August 18, 2011

Denim Dreams...

Every DIY fashionista knows to NEVER throw away old jeans. You either wear them until they split at the seams and patch the S#!T out of them, or make them into something totally new.

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Even though it was so unlike me, I did make the mistake of buying ill-fitting, distressed, boyfriend jeans a few years back. The desperation of wanting this new trend in my closet lead to harboring a pair of jeans that I was far too smart to actually wear, but felt too guilty to throw away. After discovering my new found love of re-purposing things in my closet, I knew that this would be the perfect pair of jeans to make more than one unique item. 

I first started out buy buying a few items...
-8 liter bucket
-gold metal spikes
-black RIT fabric dye
- needle & thread
-wooden spoon
-magnetic clasp
-fabric glue

Along with a lot of water, I had all I needed to start my two projects.

I first started out by cutting off the part of the jeans that ruined them... the legs!
I used the razor to rough up the edges a little for a more distressed look and put them in the bucket with 1/3 of the dye. After waiting 10 minutes I added the rest for another 5 minutes, rinsed it until the water ran clear and threw it into the dryer for a finished look. 

This pair of grunge, somewhat dirty-looking shorts would be perfect paired with a lace top or a cropped leather jacket. Appearing disheveled and filthy never looked so good. :)

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Found on Google images

I didn't want to waste the legs of the jeans and was in need of a cuter laptop sleeve other than the bland ones they offer at the Apple store, so with a few cuts and some hand stitching I created a perfect distressed bag. 

I cut out petals and flipped them over to show the lighter, inside of the jeans and held them together with fabric glue. I then added a gold spike as the center of the flower and fastened the bag together with a magnetic clasp. 

Now my sad, old boyfriend jeans are two amazing new items that force me to be lost in daydreams of all the denim things I can make. 



  1. Wow I love your blog! I am not very good at DIY but you definitely inspire me to try them out!

  2. I just started attempting DIY projects this year!!! i had NO clue how to sew but little by little im getting better.. if you make anything that is shown on my blog PLEASE send it and i will feature it in a post :)

  3. I love DIY! I turned a pair of old jeans into awesome shorts for my first time this past summer. So cool!



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