Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blog-a-holic Rehab...

When my parents came down to visit this weekend, my mom and I seized the opportunity to do a little shopping and found a few things I couldn't bare to leave behind...

This worn Lynyrd Skynyrd Tee, which I strategically placed holes in to compliment with my distressed jean shorts (that I created in an earlier post), was only $10.00.

The second thing I got was new burgundy boots from Steve Madden. I have become obsessed with them and actually wore them to an interview yesterday and quickly got a compliment confirming how fabulous they are :).

The last thing I got from my mom and her friend (who is like a second mom) was this throw pillow...

By taking an XL tee they did their own DIY project and turned it into something completely new. Just what my bed needed!!!

This is definitely proof that growing up around creative minds WILL rub off on you eventually. 

Within the last week I've been told I have become a blog-a-holic.
Well this addict isn't going to rehab anytime soon.


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