Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stylish Students...

Every fashion conscious girl knows that and outfit can be completely ruined with a hideous Jansport/ knockoff backpack. ITS LIKE AN UNWRITTEN RULE! However, every student knows there is nothing worse than having a gorgeous designer bag and an armful of textbooks and binders.

Luckily for those with this problem, designers have taken these stylish students into consideration and provided great bags that are both functional and fashionable.

Two bags that I have are...

This gorgeous 100% leather cut-out laptop carrier which includes straps to securely fasten my Mac book into place. You can't really tell but it is a burgundy color which compliments any Orange, brown, nude or gold I wear to class. I purchased this online a few years ago and it is as beautiful as the day I got it.

For the days I choose not to wear outfits in the "brown family", I opt to use this Coach backpack that I bought at an outlet for $99.00 last winter.

Patent leather straps with a sturdy zipper allow me to pack this bag with the heaviest of textbooks and schlep them around with ease...

Other great bags to choose from...
Found on Google Images
This Marc Jacobs backpack for $178.00

Found on etsy.com

This camel Dooney and Bourke backpack with fringe tassels (which are rampantly coming back into style).

and my Fashion Fantasy...

Image found on Google
This Louis Vuitton backpack retailed at a heartbreaking high price of $595.

Go back to school in style.



  1. I have such problems finding a suitable "backpack" for school. I need to be able to have books and my laptop but there is no way I will be caught dead in a normal backpack! I love your suggestions!

  2. Love the lc <3 follow your right now. Thanks for your cute comment !

  3. You do remind me that I'm gonna need a new backpack D:


  4. try going to a buffalo exchange/ thrift store! sometimes they have really nice worn leather bags that would be PERFECT as a backpack :)

  5. yeah thats so true... i got a cool backpack, similar to the one you found on etsy, at urban outfitters. its also so much better for your back to carry all those books on your back, not on your shoulder :)



Jess James