Saturday, August 27, 2011

Venice Beach...

For those of you who aren't my friend on Facebook/ Twitter (@inkednsewn) you might not know that this fall semester I am going to be a Style Guru for My first post goes live September 5th!

The first post is going to be a Bio along with a full body street shot of myself. When I looked at the previous fashionista's bio posts, a lot of them had simple pictures in front of their house, or really cool artistic shots. 

After looking at about 20 different pictures I decided to call up my friend Rebecca in Marina Del Ray and plan a "photo-shoot day". Even though we felt like amateurs, a few people walking and driving by stopped and watched me strike some poses. Yes... it was intimidating at first, but after a few minutes it was actually kind of cool to be in the spotlight. One person even asked "are you a model?", which was flattering because I'm definitely only 5'5" and no where NEAR a size zero. 

Here is the picture I chose along with shots of my shoes and accessories. This look can be hyped at so if you have a minute, like my picture please :). 

An even cooler part of the day was that the artist of the wall I was taking pictures in front of was ACTUALLY THERE! 

If you ever need amazing art in the Los Angeles area, search for Juan Carlos Munoz Hernandez. I actually did a little research about him when I got home and he has been a part of some CRAZY AMAZING pieces in L.A. Check out his ArtSlant Profile  to see his work! He also asked me to mention his co-artist on one of his pieces Alex Kizu. :)

Here are a few other shots I took...

Not only did I get some cool pictures (photo credit to Rebecca Schneider ), we got some great sandwiches and did a little thrift store shopping. I found two brand new pairs of shoes and they only cost me $46.00 total. STEAL!

These Nine West canvas heels would look PERFECT with some skinny cargoes or shorts and they were only $10.00!

The second pair is Jeffery Campbell Lita look-alikes. Sparkly enough to get attention, but not so crazy that they would distract you from the great jeans or top I am going to pair it with. Plus, unlike the J.C. version, they are not as high which is more practical for me (since no matter how hard I try, I always prefer sandals and flats). 

All in all, It was a perfect day in L.A.



  1. Oh jesus these jeffrey campell heels are awesome !please visit my blog and if you like it become a member <3 i already follow you because i really like your blog and love reading it ! So It would be a great honour for me ! xo and lovely greetings from berlin <3 nadine from

  2. aren't they great?!! and no probelmo :)

    xx Jess


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