Sunday, September 25, 2011


Lately I have been looking for inspiration for new DIY posts and Style Advice Tips.
I recently bought a book at Urban Outfitters filled with pictures of people who demonstrate personal style with ease. They know the rules of fashion so they can break them and they laugh in the faces of trends. If you want to use the pictures as inspiration or just want a beautiful coffee table book as a conversation piece, buy Stylelikeu by Elisa Goodkind & Lily Mandelbaum.

 They also have a website that you can take a look at --> HERE

After "reading" this book cover to cover multiple times over the last 2 weeks, I couldn't get enough. I hopped on to get a deal on more books and bought these 4 for $30.00!

I'll tell you which one is my favorite as soon as I get them!

On a side note, Inked&Sewn was just accepted into the Independent Fashion Blogger's (IFB) community. Click HERE or the link on the right side of my page to see my profile and check out the other amazing fashion bloggers!




  1. I also love getting books from Amazon (I have a whole book-shelf of fashion related books!).

    Darling I found your link through IFB chat on bloglovin and I'm following you now. Trust you will do the same!

    xx PvdH

  2. you always have great inspirational photos, i get so many ideas for my painting from them!
    if you're interested, please check them out :)


Jess James