Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Urban Outfitters...ILY.

When I find things I really love but are WAYYY out of my price range,  I always check my 3 favorite bargain stores to see if they have something that will give me the same feeling and not suck my bank account dry.

ALWAYS check :
>Forever 21
>H & M
>Urban Outfitters
before blowing your money on items... unless you feel like you would DIE without them of course. :)

This week Urban Outfitters was triumphant in providing me with everything I was craving all for a great price. Yes, I will admit you do get what you pay for... but when you want so much... who can complain?

I saw this ring online awhile back and thought it looked unique and powerful. $170
But I also know that feeling powerful shouldn't cost $170! Urban Outfitters didn't let me down with this Hawk Claw ring for only $15!

With that price I not only feel powerful but also super smart :)
The next item I loved was this cross bangle from Free People.

Free People- $228
Urban outfitters provided me with this unbelievable cross statement bracelet originally $49.00 on SALE for $6.29.


The last item I threw in was these stackable rings... no one can resist textured ring sets, originally $19.99 for $8.99!

Even though you may think these fashion finds couldn't get better, it does because I shopped from the comfort of my bed online!




Jess James