Monday, September 19, 2011

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stylin' in a Sharovary

It may be because it is the first few weeks of early classes at school or that choosing an outfit every morning has to be a quick and precise task, but whatever the reason may be, being comfortably chic has risen to the top of my list and put me on the lookout to spot how other Fashionistas are pulling it off. By pairing together two solid pieces and simple jewelry you can easily beat the heat and stroll to classes comfortably.
After spotting this Fashionista on campus last week, I don't know how variations of harem pants have gotten such a bad reputation. Her stylish pants known as a Sharovary, which originated in Ukraine, hung effortlessly as she walked out of class. Easily mistaken as a skirt, this bold pant cinches below her calves and has an elastic waist.
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  1. Love Diy's and these are great--saving money is always a bonus =)

  2. :) thank you!!! make sure to become a follower.. do u have a blog?


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