Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fashion Find: Black Friday Steals

This black Friday I went a little crazy, but how could I help myself with such unbelievable deals?!

Here are a few things that I snagged.

A cute Nicole Lee leopard work bag. Perfect for my new IPad 2! (TJ Maxx

Steve Madden black, patent, tassel loafers for $13.00 ! (Loehmann's)

Over sized men's wear coat perfect for a DIY! (Nordstrom Rack)

Steve Madden distressed boots. (Loehmann's) 

Steve Madden wedges. (Loehmann's) 

Purple/Grey Studded Boots ( Nordstrom Rack ) 

Dolce & Gabbana gold edition sunglasses made with 18k gold!! ah! 

Michael Kors winter coat with faux fur collar. 

After uploading everything I realized I have an issue with buying black clothes... but with black you can't go wrong!

Hope everyone got great deals! 

If you have a post about your Black Friday Steals, post here so I can read them. :) 



  1. Wow !! What great finds you had ! So jealous over the Purple/Grey Studded Boots and the D &G shades.and agreed, black is all i have been buying lately, but i see that as a sign of maturity haha

  2. You got some really great finds!!! Loving the sunglasses and wedges!

  3. LOVE those loafers! I am so jelly... they closed the Loehman's close to me so i dont get to go there for amazing buys anymore :( but good for you!

  4. great scores! LOVE the moto boots <3

    XO Sahra

  5. You got so much nice stuff!! Love itttt!

  6. Thanks -The Style Mogul -.. this was definitely one of my luckier years on black friday :)

    xx Jess James


Jess James