Monday, December 12, 2011

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Winter Cues Bright Hues

While dark winter coats will always have a place in my heart, bright jackets in my wardrobe can never be replaced.  Don’t let the sunshine fool you: the wind this week was almost unbearable but perfect for dusting off those coats and finally taking them out for a spin. A style I have always been drawn to is a double-breasted coat with a little flair. Throwing one on will never fail to dress up a pair of jeans and boots.
The Fashionista this week proved this true by wearing an orange jacket to dress up a normally simple ensemble.  Jackets that look expensive but their price tags say otherwise are easy to come by these days. Her jacket was a steal from Forever 21 a few years back, but don’t worry, Forever 21 always has staple pieces each year. A favorite of mine this year is their fleece peacoat in red.
To read the rest of the article and get links on how to achieve this look check out my column CollegeFashionista.


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