Thursday, January 26, 2012

DIY: Studded Jean Jacket

After buying 1000 studs from Studsandspikes over 2 months ago, I decided this past Tuesday to put them to good use. I've had a men's Jean shirt that has never seen the light of day taking up real estate in my closet for awhile now and thought "this is the perfect time to give it a makeover!"

The jean shirt is a heavier material perfect for a "jacket-like" piece. Once i decided where to put the studs I started the 3 hour long process of applying them. Unlike a leather material, jean is easier to poke through allowing the studs to fasten to it with the help of jewelry pliers. By bending the prongs outward and flattening them, they become secure and ready to wear.

After placing the first row along the seam of the shoulders, continue to add more rows until satisfied.

The final result was definitely worth the tedious time.





  1. OMG. I want to stud EVERYTHING now. Awesome, I'm gonna check out that link you posted too! I randomly came here from your comment on Studs and Pearls (I just posted a DIY for a little jewelry display on my style blog) - so glad I did now, I like!!

    Anyways, much love all the way from Australia,

    ❤ Morgan xx
    musician,fashion designer & blogger for

  2. Thank you Morgan :) I love finding new DIY blogs! i'll absolutely check it out :)

    Jess James

  3. LOVE IT!! Have to try :)

  4. @FTD - if you end up studding something take a pic and send me the link :) I would love to see it

    @the style mogul- I told you great minds think alike :)


Jess James