Wednesday, January 25, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER: (DIY) Wake Up to Make Up

Emily Trodson of Cigars + Stilettos shares a simple way to store your makeup brushes and get that extra morning boost to start your day.

I’ve always been someone who fancies the little things. As cliché as it may be, they have always been the most important. Whether it is a perfect cup of tea or a note you receive in the mail, those little moments in time are what keep us sane- for the most of the time anyway. Wherever I go, I try to make things a little homier, something to do to leave my essence. Not in a oh-my-god-she-needs-to-stop-tampering kind of way, but more so a she-has-a-different-way-of-looking-at-it kind of way. 

Throughout the past six or so months, I’ve been a prisoner to Pinterest. How could someone come up with something as great and perfectly girly as this website? It has possibly anything a girl could ever want or need regarding her future home she wants to furnish or that fantasy wedding right down to the way the bow is tied on the back of the reception chairs. Ever since I shamelessly put on my mother’s glittery eyeshadow in seventh grade, I’ve been looking for a way to organize my growing collection of makeup and constantly buy new boxes or containers to help with the disgusting amount of clutter. I came across a simple way to display your makeup brushes, something that for me has always been somewhat of a downfall. The right brush could never be found because it was stubbornly stuck under copious amounts of eyeshadow resulting in unhelpful bent bristles. 

This tiny Do It Yourself project was probably the easiest and most satisfying thing I’ve ever done with my makeup.

All you need is a canister (I found mine at Home Goods for under $4)... 

and some coffee beans. 

Pour the coffee beans in the canister (top off, of course) and stand up your brushes. 

Not only are your brushes readily available, but the smell of coffee seeps into the the handle of the brush making it that much easier to wake up in the morning, something we all need.

If you know me you know that I'm SO not a morning person and I'm super excited to try this. For more posts from my wonderful guest blogger Emily Trodson , Check out her blog Cigars + Stilettos .

Check back next Tuesday and Wednesday to meet my next guest and TOMORROW for my DIY post.



Jess James