Sunday, February 19, 2012

DIY: Accessories Wall

Because I am a shopaholic and college student living in a studio apartment, I constantly have to find creative ways to store my fashion finds. 

A few weeks ago I was bored with my place and wanted to move around furniture. I also noticed my heels were literally pouring out of my closet and my necklaces were tangled on a hook.  A solution for both dilemmas was to create an accessory wall to make it easier to find what to pair my outfits while also decorating my place.

To keep the cost low I invested in two 3-shelf bookshelves from Target for $19.99 each.

With simple instructions and few pieces to assemble, both were put together in a matter of 20 minutes. 

It is essentially 4 boards you screw together with adjustable shelves on pegs.

Next, it's time to build your necklace display. 

What you will need:

I found all of my frames at my local Goodwill ranging from $7.99-$5.99 each and used black spray paint with a glossy finish from Michael's for $5.99.

Joanne's had a sale on black lace 30% a yard originally $5.99/yd, which left me with more than enough fabric for only $10.00. 

Start out by laying down newspaper in a well ventilated area. I suggest you do this project outside because during my project I could definitely tell I was inhaling the fumes (if you know what I mean). 

After applying an even coat let it dry and go back to touch up any imperfections. After it's completely dry take your staple gun and attach your fabric to the frame. 

Hang your frames and place your thumbtacks where you want to hang your necklaces. 

Throw in a few fashion books and and some fun candles to complete the space. 

Now when anyone enters your room, not only will they LOVE your decor, they will know a true Fashionista lives there. Now that's what I call fashionable and functional. :)



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