Wednesday, February 15, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER: (Style Advice) Denim

What I love about this outfit? It gives a very urban vibe, and each piece is very simple.
The denim piece adds the extra spice in the entire outfit.

 I love denim pieces because they’re very classic, versatile and never old. Did I mention they’re inexpensive, too? This denim jacket was found at Buffalo Exchange, a trendy consignment store in downtown Fullerton, California. The colors are very coordinated and well put together. Olive and black are very bold, dark colors and adding the light blue from the denim vest complements the outfit wholly.

 In fashion, there aren’t any rules, but some pieces are a better pair and fit than most. Notice there isn’t too much accessories that are taking place, but just the right amount of rings, a watch, bold bangle and a statement necklace.

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