Monday, February 6, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER: Isabelle Rodolfo

Meet Isabelle Rodolfo, a writer and editorial intern for as well as a beauty intern for StyleBible.Ph.

Isabelle Rodolfo is a Creative Writing junior at the Ateneo de Manila University. Years ago she was a timid thirteen-year-old proffered with confidence by a published article about nationalism in a local newspaper, not knowing she would eventually end up writing about fashion. Yet, the world seemed to conspire that she should learn to write about style and so some years ago she was brought to the doorstep of one the biggest media figures in her country, Summit Media. There, with ten or so other classmates she was talked and toured through the office, leaving her agape at the red brick-walled source of knowledge for our life manual, which back then was the teen Candy magazine. Several years after, she was back in the same office — the building a little older, the lobby teeming with more people. This time, she was no longer wide-eyed and hopeful high schooler, but the college level intern at Stylebible.PH — the online counterpart of the country’s leading fashion magazine, Preview: sitting at her boss’ desk, brows furrowed, thinking of what to type in to churn out good enough bits of the article she was assigned to.
But her life didn’t snap from then and now. In between, she was in several writing workshops from Writer’s Block Philippines to Heights, her university’s literary publication. She built up a concept blog, What’s In the Bag? and wrote about exactly that, what’s in the bag of the person featured, what was in her bag with a focus on beauty and accessories. In the summer of 2011 she contributed as well to the Manila Fashion Observer and was sent to fashion week to cover a show. After which, she was taken in under the wing of the beauty editor at Stylebible.PH and now she not only writes for CollegeFashionista but she is one of the editorial interns as well.
Though she is always looking for opportunities to reach her biggest ambitions, she knows she has yet to find out everything she needs to learn.  She will always look up to the fashion authorities – editors, designers, directors – who stand with their head high in the arena of style.
So excited to share Isabelle's post with you! 
Check in tomorrow to read her review on a sleek color palette from Sephora.

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