Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER:(Fashion Find) Sephora Palette

One of the things on my wish list last Christmas that had been abundantly answered was beauty loot. One gave me a really vivid matte red lipstick from MAC, another a fancy perfume bottle, and more products that ticked items off my list one by one. But what took the cake was what a friend of mine who had come home from the United States brought me: this multifunctional, convenient and sleek Color Flip Palette from Sephora.

It has three layers with three different functions and a gamut of very well-pigmented colors. The first layer contains all eyeshadows, and the hues range from natural to night – I use the lightest one for highlighting and the dark, matte brown can be applied as brow powder. The second tier holds the entire array of lipcolor, and I love how it has nude shades and creamy, glittery tints as well. The last is the blush and bronzer, which can be used separately and together. For lighter skin tones, the bronzer can be used to contour while for the darker-skinned it can be used as highlight as well. Here is a swatch of my favorite shades: (from L-R) bronzer, blush, a hot pink lipstick, and taupe shadow with some shimmer.

I love how this palette contains pretty much everything you need and with it you can quickly go from daytime look at school to evening glam at night. Though it doesn’t have your concealer, foundation, or mascara, it definitely makes more room in your makeup bag to stash your basic necessities – perfect for the girl-on-the-go. 

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