Saturday, March 3, 2012

DIY: Alexander McQueen Inspired Skeleton Shorts

I spotted the most amazing shorts while surfing the Internet and had to make them .

It is no secret designers like Kermit Tesoro, DSquared2 and Alexander McQueen are some of my favorite designers. They always find innovative ways to incorporate skeletons and the human body in their designs.

Here is what you need to create this look :

> A pair of scissors
> A white colored pencil
> A pair of Levi high-waisted shorts 
(I found a pair for $5.99 at my local Good Will).

I chose to cut the shorts with an upward angle towards the outside.

Next use your colored pencil to outline where you want the design.

 By drawing it on first, you can try it on, make sure the spinal cord lines up with your actual spine and covers your derrière the way you want without committing to the bleach. When you have perfected the placement, bust out the bleach pen. 

One side of the pen is a pointed tip to make it easy to do the outline. 
The other side is wider which allows you to fill it in evenly. 

 Let it sit and rinse them after 10 minutes.

Because the jeans are black you are left with a copper/ tan color which looks beautiful with gold accessories. If you want a pair that is black and white substitute the bleach pen for a white fabric marker.




  1. This is an awesome DIY, I love it. It'd probably be awesome to try on other jean washes. Thanks for sharing!


Jess James